Burlesque Comes To Big Brother UK

The exotic world of Burlesque arrived on the Big Brother UK set last night when London’s Banbury Cross appeared as part of this week’s shopping task. Housemates were turned into lab rats and were subjected to a range of experiments while three of the contestants had to predict the outcome. In one experiment, the lab rats were made to sit in a room and keep their eyes fixed on a picture while various people entered the room attempting to distract them. Housemates encountered protestors, a Justin Bieber lookalike and even a huge python. Luke S expressed his frustration when it was announced that his distraction would be burlesque starlet Banbury Cross, dressed in a full burlesque outfit, performing a classic striptease routine. The blonde bombshell did her best to divert Luke’s gaze but he managed to keep his eye on the prize. Come on Channel 5 – we are British – more burlesque please!


Banbury Cross Big Brother

Big Brother Burlesque Outfits

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