Get The Look: Bustle Skirts

An important part of any burlesque outfit is the bustle skirt. Deriving from Victorian fashion, essentially the classic burlesque bustle skirt is used to accentuate the rear and paired with a flattering corset, frame and define that perfect hourglass figure.


Leg Avenue Long Tulle Bustle Skirt

Acting as an extension to the burlesque dancer’s lower part of her body movements, the burlesque bustle skirt also adds the glamour to the retro outfit and should ideally be easy to slip out of.


Leg Avenue Bombshell Bustle Skirt

The bustle skirt can be of any length, traditionally shorter at the front with a glamorous trail to the rear and typically crafted in luxurious chiffon or satin style material.


Leg Avenue Satin Organza Pin On Bustle Skirt

Choose from an array of gorgeous bustle skirts from our burlesque clothing collection in traditional red and black colours, exotic blues and pinks, various lengths, sporting a range of beads, bows and fringes.


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