The Cuban Heel Two Tone Stockings

No burlesque outfit is complete without a pair of deluxe stockings. The newest addition to reach our 2012 collection feature two tone red and black contrast colouring, retro cuban heel and sophisticated back seam. The Leg Avenue black and red stockings are lycra based for a comfortable fit and luxurious feel.


Leg Avenue Cuban Heel Two Tone Stockings

Coco Lectric Performs At Tease-O-Rama

One of our favourite burlesque dancers performed at last month’s Tease-O-Rama event in San Francisco. The beautifully curvaceous Coco Lectric thrilled the audience with her classic routine evoking her ever present Hollywood glamour. Check out the video below and pay attention to how she uses her burlesque clothing so effectively, particularly her gloves and feather boa. Look out for more videos of top burlesque dancers from Tease-O-Rama in the coming days.


The Black Passion Set

A unique lingerie set from our burlesque lingerie collection and as sexy and seductive as they come. The Leg Avenue Black Passion Set features a revealing black stretch fishnet mini dress with cheeky sequin heart accent to the rear and attached matching sequin pasties with tassels. A coordinating black g-string is also included to achieve the daring look pictured.  Click the image for pricing and availability and check out our delivery terms for US, Australian and European shipping (UK shipping is free!)


Leg Avenue Black Passion SetBurlesque Lingerie

The Sheer Wrap

Striptease is a huge part of the burlesque scene and the core of many a burlesque routine – and to strip one needs clothes to remove! Enter a new addition to our 2012 burlesque clothing collection, and already a popular choice among newbie burlesque performers, – the Leg Avenue Sheer Wrap. This beautifully versatile piece features an all-over seductive sheer black design with ruched waist, black rose and bow bust line appliqué plus adjustable velcro closure. Ideal for wearing over a corset and skirt combination outfit and used as the first garment removed during a strip tease for an excited audience and perfect as an overgarment to a lingerie set for a personal strip tease (for one pair of eyes) in the bedroom…..


Leg Avenue Sheer Wrap

Dirty Martini At The Burlesque Hall Of Fame 2012

One of the most celebrated burlesque performers and genuinely loved by the burlesque industry, Dirty Martini, is captured below in a short interview during the recent Burlesque Hall Of Fame extravaganza. The voluptuous starlet, known for her show-stopping routines and unique costumes, talks mainly about her burlesque outfits and explains how she began making them herself from an early age. With the acquired experience she is now able to make couture like gowns for both herself and her burlesque dancing friends. In this catch up with the diva she can be seen wearing a nude coloured body stocking style gown with heavy rhinestone decor in some very interesting places – created by her very own hand!


The Red Showgirl Premium Corset

Leg Avenue Red Premium Steel Boned Corset: A super deluxe new arrival from the 2012 burlesque clothing collection and straight into our ever expanding burlesque corsets range is the achingly beautiful Red Showgirl Premium Corset. This show-stopping piece is made from a lavish sateen material with super sturdy steel boning for the most premium of supports plus flattering steel front bust closure. Ideal for ladies with a larger bust, with it’s unsurpassed reinforcement while our burlesque clothing customers with smaller busts will benefit from an enhancement to a full pin up figure. Pair with a range of bustle skirts or petticoat skirts in classic red for an all-in-one look or a contrast coloured skirt for a two tone style. This burlesque corset is a beautifully classic piece that will be a treasured part of your wardrobe for an eternity filled with strip tease…


Leg Avenue Red Premium Steel Boned CorsetLeg Avenue Red Showgirl Premium Corset

The Red Long Tulle Bustle Skirt

Bustle skirts are one of our top sellers, with customers looking for unique items that look amazing, feel comfortable, are easy to move around in (and slip off) and flatter and enhance a pin up figure. The Black Long Tulle Bustle Skirt has been heading up our best sellers list for several months now and we are excited to introduce the same skirt in a beautifully seductive shade of rouge. The Leg Avenue Red Long Tulle Bustle Skirt can be found in our burlesque skirts collection and features a long, tiered rear with layers of luxury tulle plus sexy gathered lace front, perfect for the exposure of some stocking clad legs. The burlesque bustle skirt also features an elastic waist ensuring an adaptable fit and an easy removal. Click the image to see full product details and pricing and visit the website to see our World Wide shipping services.


Leg Avenue Red Long Tulle Bustle Skirt

The Australian Burlesque Festival Begins

Burlesque dancing is big news in Australia, with one of the most thriving scenes in the World and the 2012 Australian Burlesque Festival kicked of this week with some exciting performances to come. Some of the organisers and this year’s participants can be seen below in a teaser for the festival, decked out it some fabulous burlesque outfits. The performers take us through an example of a classic glove peel, the famous tassel twirl and a seductive shimmy. Check out the full video below.


The Leopard Print Romper

Every year as the newest collections approach their release date there is a wave of excitement here at Simon Says Dress Up, all of us ready to reserve our favourite pieces. When the new 2012 burlesque outfits collection images were ready for preview every one of us was quick to reserve the fabulous all-in-one Leopard Print Romper. Glamour, sex appeal, femininity, luxury and fashion all rolled into one. How can anyone resist? Our favourite garment from the burlesque outfits range features an all-over brushed spandex leopard print design with red satin pleated trim, co-ordinating red halter neck tie top and adjustable lace up back. The flattering cups are padded for a true pin-up look and the red suspender straps are attached, ready to pair with a matching pair of luxurious stockings. Click the image for sizing and prices and visit the website for our World Wide shipping rates.


Leg Avenue Leopard Print RomperLeg Avenue Leopard Print Romper

Emma Watson Does Burlesque For Her New Film

We love a bit of Harry Potter here at Simon Says Dress Up and are big fans of the beautiful Emma Watson who played Harry’s best pal, Hermione Granger, so well. We were rather excited to hear that Miss Watson landed a starring role in the upcoming film ‘The Perks Of Being A Wallflower’ and even more excited when we saw the trailer featuring the British lovely dressed as a burlesque dancer, performing a full blown strip tease in one scene. We can’t wait until the movie hits the big screen in September this year to see how the all-grown up star fairs in her burlesque clothing and racy routine. Check out the official trailer below and catch a peek of Emma in her burlesque outfit.