The Black Sheer Ruffled Panty

Leg Avenue Sheer Panty Ruffle Back: Knickers, knickers, knickers – we love, love, love them. How they feel and look is über important to us ladies – especially if they are going to be on show. A sexy and glamorous pair of knickers can make such a difference to the confidence of a diva and our burlesque clothing collection is full of charming examples. A new addition for 2012 is the black Sheer Ruffled Panty featuring satin rhumba ruffle back. We want them now please Daddy.


Leg Avenue Sheer Panty Ruffle Back

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Get The Look: Gloves

A fundamental part of any burlesque clothing wardrobe is a pair of stylish gloves. Often the first part of the burlesque performer’s outfit to be removed and easily swung, flung, twirled and even stuffed into the mouth of an exotic burlesque dancer. The choice of fabric and style is huge and the slow peel of a luxurious velvet, satin or leather glove gives a riveting hint to the audience as to what is to follow. Exposing the wrist itself is perceived as being suggestive in nature and any outfit, burlesque or otherwise, is instantly slapped with a big splodge of sophistication, allure and 1940’s style with the addition of a pair of stylish gloves.


Take inspiration from the celebrities when it comes to choosing a pair of burlesque gloves and remember they can be easily customised with an assortment of faux gem stones, rhinestones or crystals (and the trusty glue gun!)


Dita Von Teese Burlesque GlovesLeg Avenue Black Velvet Opera Gloves

Classic long black gloves add instant sophistication and style to an outfit and are frequently favoured by burlesque queen Dita Von Teese.


Victoria Beckham GlovesLeg Avenue Cropped Satin Gloves

The most stylish of UK exports, Victoria Beckham, favours the 1940’s driving glove and ‘spices up’ her otherwise plain outfit with a stunning black pair.


Paris Hilton GlovesLeg Avenue Mini Cropped Satin Gloves

Heiress Paris Hilton, a big fan of burlesque, rocks the mini cropped glove fashion with numerous outfits. Our version is available in black, white and red.


Rihanna Long Lace GlovesLeg Avenue Stretch Lace Elbow Length Gloves

Rihanna dons both long lace gloves and short lace gloves for two very different looks.

Rihanna Short Lace GlovesLeg Avenue Lace Fingerless Wrist Ruffle Gloves


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The Shimmy Fringe Mini Skirt

Leg Avenue Shimmy Fringe Mini Skirt: A new arrival for 2012 and our burlesque clothing collection is the red Shimmy Fringe Mini Skirt. An ingenious little number that can act as a fringe trim to a matching corset – creating a sweet surprise for your audience (whoever it may be) with it’s easy removal – and ideally worn over a g-string. Feel and look exotic and glamorous in this perfect accessory choice for any burlesque outfit.


Leg Avenue Shimmy Fringe Mini Skirt

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The Rhinestone Heart Pasties

Leg Avenue Rhinestone Heart Pasties: A new addition to our 2012 burlesque clothing collection are the super romantic and delightfully glamorous red heart pasties. These perfectly pretty pasties feature an all-over faux red rhinestone covering, ensuring a suitably sparkly final reveal. Not sure how to go about attaching your pasties? Check out our older post How To Attach Burlesque Pasties for all the information you will need.


Leg Avenue Rhinestone Heart Pasties

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The Red Eva Corset

Leg Avenue Red Eva Corset: Simon Says Dress Up are excited to introduce The Eva Corset by Leg Avenue. This luxuriously sexy piece is designed to enhance and define your naturally beautiful body shape and is a certain show stopper. Look and feel super glamorous, seductive and all woman in the premier quality corset featuring satin silhouette with pleated ruffle detail and metal boning support.


Leg Avenue Red Eva Corset

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The Black Paige Corset

Leg Avenue Black Paige Corset: Dazzling new satin silhouette corset features support boning, sweetheart bodice, rose applique and suspender straps. The deluxe corset also includes a side zipper plus adjustable lace up back for easy removal


Leg Avenue Paige CorsetBlack Paige Corset

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