Coco Lectric Salutes The Troops


We were so happy to come across this video of one of our favourite performers – Texas starlet – Coco Lectric – performing at Viva Dallas Burlesque Salutes The Troops, this Summer. Check out her full performance right here and marvel at the glamorous beauty’s ingenious use of a simple rope! We will be bringing you more videos from Dallas all year, starring the most revered burlesque performers of the South. Find Coco’s white satin gloves in our burlesque gloves category online and if you are inspired by her super cute, super sexy sailor costume check out our range of sexy costumes, with an array of sailor inspired designs at the forefront.

Roxi D’Lite Hosts Boom Boom Burlesque

Our favourite burlesque queen has announced the return of her Boom Boom Burlesque Show this October. Check out the trailer right here – with a sneak peek of all 16 performers lined up to entertain the crowd in Windsor, Canada. Yep, sorry UK folks, the ‘dark and twisted’ burlesque extravaganza is all the way across the ocean, for one night only. Please come to the UK Roxi!!

For anyone lucky enough to be able to attend on October 19th, visit the Boom Boom tickets page, offering a choice of packages. For anyone not able to experience the fabulous performer in real life but is still inspired by her old school glamour, visit the website for the best in burlesque clothing and create your own Roxi-esque outfit.

Immodesty Blaize: The Venus Tour

The UK’s most celebrated burlesque performer is on tour at the end of this year and she heads to London on 9th December. Immodesty Blaize, known for her classic, Hollywood glamour and huge stage props is embarking on a European tour, to the delight of her many fans. The Venus Tour begins in Amsterdam in November and we can’t wait to see one of our favourite burlesque starlets, her trend setting costumes and Broadway-rivalling stage show.

Immodesty Blaize Venus Tour

To buy tickets for the London leg of Immodesty’s tour visit the online tickets page and for all your burlesque outfits, a celebrated part of all of the performer’s shows (the audience love dressing up) visit the online store.

Immodesty Blaize: Classic Burlesque Routine

A quick look here at the UK’s most successful burlesque performer and her famous routine featuring a giant telephone. This edit shows the burlesque queen in all her glory with a novel and rather athletic way of removing her stockings. The routine incorporates a pair of luxurious feather fans, one of the dancer’s seductive burlesque outfits and an extraordinarily glamorous fur wrap. Check out  how tiny her waits appears in her lavish corset!


Burlesque Comes To Big Brother UK

The exotic world of Burlesque arrived on the Big Brother UK set last night when London’s Banbury Cross appeared as part of this week’s shopping task. Housemates were turned into lab rats and were subjected to a range of experiments while three of the contestants had to predict the outcome. In one experiment, the lab rats were made to sit in a room and keep their eyes fixed on a picture while various people entered the room attempting to distract them. Housemates encountered protestors, a Justin Bieber lookalike and even a huge python. Luke S expressed his frustration when it was announced that his distraction would be burlesque starlet Banbury Cross, dressed in a full burlesque outfit, performing a classic striptease routine. The blonde bombshell did her best to divert Luke’s gaze but he managed to keep his eye on the prize. Come on Channel 5 – we are British – more burlesque please!


Banbury Cross Big Brother

Big Brother Burlesque Outfits

The Australian Burlesque Festival Begins

Burlesque dancing is big news in Australia, with one of the most thriving scenes in the World and the 2012 Australian Burlesque Festival kicked of this week with some exciting performances to come. Some of the organisers and this year’s participants can be seen below in a teaser for the festival, decked out it some fabulous burlesque outfits. The performers take us through an example of a classic glove peel, the famous tassel twirl and a seductive shimmy. Check out the full video below.


Emma Watson Does Burlesque For Her New Film

We love a bit of Harry Potter here at Simon Says Dress Up and are big fans of the beautiful Emma Watson who played Harry’s best pal, Hermione Granger, so well. We were rather excited to hear that Miss Watson landed a starring role in the upcoming film ‘The Perks Of Being A Wallflower’ and even more excited when we saw the trailer featuring the British lovely dressed as a burlesque dancer, performing a full blown strip tease in one scene. We can’t wait until the movie hits the big screen in September this year to see how the all-grown up star fairs in her burlesque clothing and racy routine. Check out the official trailer below and catch a peek of Emma in her burlesque outfit.


The London World Burlesque International Newcomer Winner

The winner of the International Newcomer crown at this year’s London World Burlesque Games was announced as New York’s Tansy. Deserving of her tag as the ‘young Elizabeth Taylor of Burlesque’ the stunning lovely performed a fabulously coordinated routine incorporating her music and costume parts wonderfully. Is this lady really a newcomer? Flinging and flouncing with the elegance and grace of a seasoned pro, she delighted her audience – as you can witness right here. We particularly loved the flattering use of her burlesque lingerie;


The London World Burlesque British Female Winner

Classic beauty Eliza Delite was crowned winner of the British Female category at the London Burlesque Festival this week. The burlesque starlet performed a charming Virgin Mary routine complete with an orchestral version of Madonna’s ‘Like A Virgin’, that worked brilliantly. See her full performance below and take note of the beautifully customised red and gold corset she was sporting. Strut over to our website for a selection of burlesque corsets and visit for a full list of this year’s winners.