Koko La Douce At The Burlesque Hall Of Fame

Winner of ‘Most Innovative’ at the Burlesque Hall Of Fame 2012 competition was Switzerland’s Koko La Douce. The exotic, elegant entertainer went a full two and a half minutes blindfolded and finally discarded her devil red gown to reveal a nude corset before launching into a revolutionary rhythmic gymnast style segment. Watch the full performance right here;

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The Peek-A-Boo Revue At The Burlesque Hall Of Fame

Another clip from this year’s Burlesque Hall of Fame competition, and this time it’s the turn of ‘Best Group’ category winners – The Peek-A-Boo Revue. A four minute show packed with dance, song, humour and strip tease, like you have never seen before. Watch the video right here, and turn it up…!


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Nude Backseam Fishnet Tights

Perle Noire At The Burlesque Hall Of Fame 2012

Winner of the ‘Most Dazzling’ title at this year’s Burlesque Hall of Fame weekend was New Orleans’ very own Perle Noire. You can view her winning routine right here and marvel at her wonderful musicality, clever music changes, exotic tangerine coloured outfit and how amazingly flexible this lady is! Her dramatic entrance, sophisticated strip tease and tribal dance climax creates a truly unique performance by this burlesque super star. We can’t wait to see more of her in the future. For your own dazzling burlesque outfits, head over to the website where our 2012 collection items are arriving thick and fast.

Dirty Martini At The Burlesque Hall Of Fame 2012

One of the most celebrated burlesque performers and genuinely loved by the burlesque industry, Dirty Martini, is captured below in a short interview during the recent Burlesque Hall Of Fame extravaganza. The voluptuous starlet, known for her show-stopping routines and unique costumes, talks mainly about her burlesque outfits and explains how she began making them herself from an early age. With the acquired experience she is now able to make couture like gowns for both herself and her burlesque dancing friends. In this catch up with the diva she can be seen wearing a nude coloured body stocking style gown with heavy rhinestone decor in some very interesting places – created by her very own hand!


Burlesque Hall Of Fame Weekend 2011

We were not lucky enough to be able to attend last week’s annual Burlesque Hall Of Fame Weekend in Las Vegas – but we have been able to peruse all the fantastic videos of each performer!


Our top 3 favourite performers – Roxi D’Lite, Coco Lectric and Vicky Butterfly were all in action at the most prestigious Burlesque gathering in the world and we can now share their performances with you. Congratulations to Indigo Blue who was crowned this year’s Reigning Queen Of Burlesque and Britain’s own Anna Fur Laxis who was announced as well deserved 1st runner-up.