Top 3 Best Sellers This Month

Straight into the April round up of the top 3 best sellers from our burlesque clothing collection during the last 30 days. Burlesque shoes and bustle skirts have been particularly popular and it has left us wondering if some of you are wearing just skirts and heels to perform in? Or have you all been making your own pasties…?


Betty makes an appearance again this month, but this time in red and black. The classic and utterly seductive burlesque corset features sturdy boning for support, an adjustable lace up back and side zipper for easy removal. The satin corset is decorated with black pleated ruffle detail and unique vinyl seam accents. Betty is just booootiful in her classic colours and this stunning burlesque corset is our top seller this month.

Leg Avenue Red Betty Corset


We promised you shoes – and here they are. The super striking, bang on trend, fash pack favourite and 100% unique Bordello Teeze Pin Up Tattoo Shoes. Not only are these fabulous five inchers the best selling burlesque shoes for April they are number 2 on our overall best sellers list. The scrumptiously retro tattoo print is delightfully complemented by the sweet red satin bow and these wow factor platforms have literally been dancing out the door. Hello lover ♥….

Bordello Teeze Pin Up Tattoo Shoes


Completing our line up of little treasures is the aptly named Leg Avenue Bombshell Bustle Skirt. The burlesque bustle skirt that sets the bar high in its category. Boasting luxurious pucker bustle to really accentuate the natural curves, plush shimmy fringe trim (that both looks and feels rather lovely) plus exquisite beading draped suggestively over the fabric – we have to confess that this is our favourite. If we were stranded on a desert island and forced to perform burlesque over and over for the retro loving inhabitants and were allowed only one garment – it would have to be this one. Luuuuuuush ♥

Leg Avenue Bombshell Bustle Skirt


The next update on our best sellers list for our burlesque clothing collection will be in 30 days divas! x

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The Black Chiffon Bustle Skirt

Leg Avenue Chiffon Skirt With Train: The new 2012 burlesque clothing collection has now begun to trickle in with some of the staple items that are sure to become essential parts of the burlesque wardrobe. A truly classic new addition is the charming Leg Avenue Black Chiffon Bustle Skirt. With it’s three tiers, luxurious satin trim and striking train it is beautifully adaptable and ideal to be worn with a burlesque corset of any colour. Also boasting an elastic waist for easy removal and flexible fit we are so excited to present one beaut of a bustle skirt for 2012.


Leg Avenue Chiffon Skirt With TrainLeg Avenue Black Burlesque Bustle Skirt

Pair with a classic black corset for that all-in-one look and a pair of dramatic stockings to achieve the gorgeous look pictured.


Black Chiffon Burlesque Bustle Skirt

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The Red Backseam Stockings

Leg Avenue Red Seamed Stockings: We know how important a really luxurious pair of stylish stockings are for our burlesque clothing customers and behold such a pair with an unusual red backseam. This delightful new addition to our collection is completed with a matching red top and red cuban heel. Peel away ladies….


Leg Avenue Red Seamed Stockings

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The Corsets & Cosplay Style Board

Corsets can be funky and trendy, not just a staple part of your burlesque clothing wardrobe. Team with a shorter pair of gloves, some clashing stockings and some chunky shoe boots for the alternative look. Draw inspiration from the Corsets & Cosplay Style Board and invest in a classic, versatile corset today.


Burlesque Corsets

Burlesque Corsets, Burlesque Clothing

The Leopard Print Gloves

Leg Avenue Leopard Elbow Length Gloves: Animal print is bang on trend for Spring/Summer 2012 and the love of leopard print has never wavered among the burlesque crowd. Cue the super striking Leg Avenue Leopard Gloves – full fingered and stretching to the elbow, these luxurious gloves will be the focal point of any burlesque outfit.


Leg Avenue Leopard Elbow Length Gloves

Burlesque Clothing, Burlesque Gloves

Get The Look: Bustle Skirts

An important part of any burlesque outfit is the bustle skirt. Deriving from Victorian fashion, essentially the classic burlesque bustle skirt is used to accentuate the rear and paired with a flattering corset, frame and define that perfect hourglass figure.


Leg Avenue Long Tulle Bustle Skirt

Acting as an extension to the burlesque dancer’s lower part of her body movements, the burlesque bustle skirt also adds the glamour to the retro outfit and should ideally be easy to slip out of.


Leg Avenue Bombshell Bustle Skirt

The bustle skirt can be of any length, traditionally shorter at the front with a glamorous trail to the rear and typically crafted in luxurious chiffon or satin style material.


Leg Avenue Satin Organza Pin On Bustle Skirt

Choose from an array of gorgeous bustle skirts from our burlesque clothing collection in traditional red and black colours, exotic blues and pinks, various lengths, sporting a range of beads, bows and fringes.


Burlesque Clothing, Burlesque Bustle Skirts

The Stretch Cotton Panty

Leg Avenue Stretch Cotton Panty: New to our ever expanding range of burlesque clothing and lingerie is the stretch cotton panty. These classic black pants are accentuated with added glamour with a romantic oversized bow to the rear and sophisticated sheer black train. Pair with just a corset or wear under a bustle skirt, ready for the final reveal……


Leg Avenue Stretch Cotton PantyLeg Avenue Bow Hot Pants

Burlesque Clothing, Burlesque Lingerie

The Lace Panty Chiffon Train

Leg Avenue Lace Panty Chiffon Train: A  new addition to our burlesque clothing 2012 collection is the delightfully elegant and ever-so naughty black lace panty with chiffon train. The tanga panty is made from an easy wear luxury stretch lace fabric while the chiffon train boasts a matching lace trim with rose and satin bow accents. Ideal for the burlesque dancer as the train is removable, perfect as part of a strip tease routine.


The alternative black burlesque bustle skirt is pictured here with our Leg Avenue Cuban Heel Stockings and classic black gloves. Buy online with free delivery while stocks last.


Leg Avenue Lace Panty Chiffon TrainLeg Avenue Lace Panty Chiffon Train

Burlesque Outfits, Burlesque Clothing

The Black Sheer Ruffled Panty

Leg Avenue Sheer Panty Ruffle Back: Knickers, knickers, knickers – we love, love, love them. How they feel and look is über important to us ladies – especially if they are going to be on show. A sexy and glamorous pair of knickers can make such a difference to the confidence of a diva and our burlesque clothing collection is full of charming examples. A new addition for 2012 is the black Sheer Ruffled Panty featuring satin rhumba ruffle back. We want them now please Daddy.


Leg Avenue Sheer Panty Ruffle Back

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Get The Look: Gloves

A fundamental part of any burlesque clothing wardrobe is a pair of stylish gloves. Often the first part of the burlesque performer’s outfit to be removed and easily swung, flung, twirled and even stuffed into the mouth of an exotic burlesque dancer. The choice of fabric and style is huge and the slow peel of a luxurious velvet, satin or leather glove gives a riveting hint to the audience as to what is to follow. Exposing the wrist itself is perceived as being suggestive in nature and any outfit, burlesque or otherwise, is instantly slapped with a big splodge of sophistication, allure and 1940’s style with the addition of a pair of stylish gloves.


Take inspiration from the celebrities when it comes to choosing a pair of burlesque gloves and remember they can be easily customised with an assortment of faux gem stones, rhinestones or crystals (and the trusty glue gun!)


Dita Von Teese Burlesque GlovesLeg Avenue Black Velvet Opera Gloves

Classic long black gloves add instant sophistication and style to an outfit and are frequently favoured by burlesque queen Dita Von Teese.


Victoria Beckham GlovesLeg Avenue Cropped Satin Gloves

The most stylish of UK exports, Victoria Beckham, favours the 1940’s driving glove and ‘spices up’ her otherwise plain outfit with a stunning black pair.


Paris Hilton GlovesLeg Avenue Mini Cropped Satin Gloves

Heiress Paris Hilton, a big fan of burlesque, rocks the mini cropped glove fashion with numerous outfits. Our version is available in black, white and red.


Rihanna Long Lace GlovesLeg Avenue Stretch Lace Elbow Length Gloves

Rihanna dons both long lace gloves and short lace gloves for two very different looks.

Rihanna Short Lace GlovesLeg Avenue Lace Fingerless Wrist Ruffle Gloves


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