The Round Satin Pasties

An integral part of any burlesque striptease routine is the final reveal – often exposing the breasts – with a pair of strategically placed nipple tassels – or pasties. The Leg Avenue Round Satin Pasties are gloriously classic, easily adapted to any burlesque outfit – available in four staple colours. The design features luxurious satin base, pleated ruffle trim plus the all-important tassel – ready for some serious, crowd pleasing twirling.

Leg Avenue Round Satin Pasties


We are often asked how to attach pasties to the skin. There are a few options and it usually comes down to personal choice. Eyelash glue is designed for the skin and is pretty secure once dry, while others prefer spirit gum – although this can irritate anyone with sensitive skin and should be tested first (spirit gum also requires a remover). Other options include double sided tape – a popular brand, and readily available at online stores such as Amazon, is ‘Hollywood Fashion Tape’. We are fans of toupee tape, as this is easy to apply, inexpensive, extremely secure and perfect for sensitive skin. This specialist tape is available from wig and hair specialists. Ideally we recommend testing out all options to discover which is best for you personally.


Visit our burlesque clothing collection online for a range of pasties and nipple tassels.

The Rhinestone Heart Pasties

Leg Avenue Rhinestone Heart Pasties: A new addition to our 2012 burlesque clothing collection are the super romantic and delightfully glamorous red heart pasties. These perfectly pretty pasties feature an all-over faux red rhinestone covering, ensuring a suitably sparkly final reveal. Not sure how to go about attaching your pasties? Check out our older post How To Attach Burlesque Pasties for all the information you will need.


Leg Avenue Rhinestone Heart Pasties

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How To Attach Our Pasties

We have a selection of beautiful pasties (nipple tassels) in our Burlesque Clothing Collection and we are often asked the best way to attach them. There are a few options and it is really down to personal preference.


Glue is a popular choice – eyelash glue or spirit gum (which needs a remover) ensures good security but may be irritating to sensitive skin and it is a good idea to test the glue on a less sensitive part of the body. The other, equally popular choice, is double-sided tape – Hollywood Fashion Tape is a good brand, available at high street stores, Asos and Amazon. We would recommend toupee tape (available from wig/hair stores) – extremely secure, great for sensitive skin and inexpensive.


Whatever your choice, the most important thing is that you feel secure and confident to shimmy, shake and twirl in your trusted burlesque pasties. Make sure you test them out!

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